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Our Sahara and Nevada Classicure formulations are quite unique in the field of UV waterless printing. They are the result of intensive research and development work. Our aim was to produce UV curing waterless inks that could be used on the widest possible range of substrates and applications.
These inks are now used on paper, cartonboard, foil, and plastic materials.
Our basic formulation can be used on all waterless offset printing machines, including all anilox inking types, all label presses, optical media machines, and of course standard sheetfed offset machines. Modified versions of our basic formulation are available for specific applications.
Our waterless UV inks can be used to print, labels, CD’s, DVD’s, cartonboard packaging, advertising, brochures, plastic cards, magazines, books, lenticular work, plant labels, point of sale, stickers, transfers, and nearly all other applications where print is applied to flat sheets.
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