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Classicure UV Flexo Fluorescents

To obtain the best colour strength coupled with maximum fluorescent properties we have produced a HYBRID ink formulation.
This HYBRID formulation contains, UV monomers, UV diluents and photoinitiators as well as mineral oils & resins.
The viscosity as supplied should be suitable for most flexographic printing applications and machines. If a lower viscosity is required we recommend and addition of Classicure Flexo HYBRID Reducer.
Plate Type
Due to the fact that our formulation contains both, mineral oil, and UV curable materials, there is a possibility of plate wear or swelling.
Due to the nature of the formulation all cleaning solvents should be suitable for use with HYBRID type formulations.

Immediately after passing through a suitably powered UV curing unit the printed film should be tack free, allowing for re-reeling or stacking. The cured printed film will post cure to a more rub resistant finish within 12 hours.
When exposed to UV radiation all fluorescent colours lose some of their brightness. Due to this it is not possible to offer UV curing fluorescents colours that are as bright as aqueous fluorescent types.
Our Classicure HYBRID Flexo formulation can be printed on coated and un-coated paper and board stocks. If the substrate is plastic or foil we recommend testing the transfer, adhesion, and cure properties on the actual material used, prior to making commercial print runs.
All raw materials used in our formulation have minimum migration and odour properties. We do not use ITX or Benzophenone photoinitiators. The mineral oil used is an aromatic free grade.
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