Wet Offset S/F & H/S Fluorescents
Waterless Sheet Fed Fluorescents
Classicure UV Fluorescents (waterless & wet offset)
Classicure UV Flexo Fluorescents
Classicure UV Fluorescents (waterless & wet offset)

Our UV curing fluorescent inks are a hybrid formulation and can be produced for both wet offset & waterless processes.
We recommend the use of dual purpose PVC Nitrile rollers. Do not use EPDM or standard rubber rollers.

We recommend the use of dual purpose blankets. Tests should be made to ensure suitability of the actual product. Do not use EPDM or normal rubber blankets.

The cure speed of Classicure Fluorescent colours is very fast and should suit most applications. The number of lamps and power output should be kept to a minimum. Like all fluorescent colours when subjected to UV radiation they lose some of their brightness. This loss of brightness is somewhat proportional to the amount of UV radiation applied. In order to minimise this loss we recommend the application of UV varnish or lacquer in line, possibly after inter deck curing,
Although these inks cure to a tack free, reasonably rub resistant state, thus eliminating the need for anti set-off powder, post curing takes place for about 24 hours afterwards. Good rub resistance is achieved within a few hours.

In certain cases, when a thick enough film cannot be applied with one impression, a double hit may be required. The use of inter-deck drying between units should improve trapping
The standard formulation contains only polyethylene wax and should be suitable for foil blocking. We recommend a test prior to actual production. Entirely wax free versions are available on request.
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