Wet Offset S/F & H/S Fluorescents
Waterless Sheet Fed Fluorescents
Classicure UV Fluorescents (waterless & wet offset)
Classicure UV Flexo Fluorescents

Some years ago wet offset fluorescent inks were notoriously difficult to print. With many colours it was not possible to match the strength and brightness of prints shown in industry standard colour guides. We set up a development project in the early 90’s to address these problems. Since that time we have continued to improve our fluorescent colours and can now offer complete ranges of inks that satisfy all the demands required.
Our latest CN fluorescent range is available for conventional and waterless Sheetfed and Heatset Web, and also conventional and waterless Sheetfed UV curing print processes. We have recently added a range of UV curing Flexo Fluorescents.
Please note that our UV curing fluorescent formulation is a Hybrid type and will perform best on Dual Purpose roller and Blanket compounds.
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