Sahara and Nevada LED-UV Products
Wet offset S/F LED-UV Products
Wet offset S/F LED-UV Products

Classicure LED-UV inks are suitable for use on most sheetfed presses equipped with LED-UV curing systems including machines with Anilox systems. 
They can be printed on most substrates, including coated and uncoated papers and boards.To compliment this series we offer Classicure LED-UV Basic spot colours, metallics, primer, sealers and lacquers.

CLASSICURE wet o/s LED-UV YELLOW            PY9710               
CLASSICURE wet o/s LED-UV MAGENTA         PR9711             
CLASSICURE wet o/s LED-UV CYAN                PB9712          
CLASSICURE wet o/s LED-UV BLACK              PN9713
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