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Toray Appoints New UK Distributor
Classic Graphics brings wealth of expertise to ensure smooth transition to Toray waterless plates
Neu-Isenburg, Germany, April 12, 2010 - Toray Industries Inc., a leading manufacturer of waterless CTP plates compatible with major thermal platesetters, today announced it has appointed Classic Graphics, Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Classic Colours, as its distributor for waterless plates, chemicals and processing equipment in the United Kingdom. Classic Graphics, Ltd., was established in 2005 to focus on waterless plates and other associated consumables.
“David Grey, Managing Director; Paul Banks, Sales Director; and their entire team bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise in waterless printing technology to this relationship, and we are very pleased to be working with them,” said Mr. Shohei Koshiba, Sales Manager of Graphics and Chemicals Department at Toray International Europe. “We strongly believe this partnership will drive business expansion for Toray in the United Kingdom while at the same time ensuring a smooth transition for printers who wish to move to waterless technology.”
“We are pleased to be partnering with Toray International Europe in this venture,” said David Grey, Managing Director of Classic Graphics. “We are certain that many of our existing customers, as well as a number of new customers, will be very interested in adopting Toray waterless technology giving them a clear competitive advantage.”
Product Details
The TORAY printing plates incorporate a silicone coating to replace the dampening solution normally used in conventional offset printing. This printing system not only enables an environmentally friendly operation by eliminating harmful press room chemicals but also improves productivity. The reduced dot gain and absence of water produce exceptional sharp and brilliant images.
TORAY waterless offset plates can achieve brilliant print results without the use of dampening agents and is well suited for high resolution FM screening. Printing waterless is not only easier, but also offers other clear advantages including lower dot gain, higher brilliance, more contrast, higher colour density, no warping of paper, faster drying time, reduced waste, high quality stability, lower production costs and is friendlier to the environment. The printing images accept ink rapidly with sharp margins, resulting in less dot gain and improved print consistency. The printed image reaches full density after only a few sheets reducing start up waste to a minimum. Both thermal working CTP plates for use with all major plate setters and negative working plates exposed through a film mask are available.
About Toray
Toray International Europe GmbH, Neu Isenburg, Germany is the trading arm of Toray Industries Inc serving an independent network of distributors in the European market.
Toray Industries Inc., the leading manufacturer of waterless printing plates world wide, was founded in 1926 and has a global presence with factories and sales offices in Asia, Europe and North America. The main businesses of Toray are synthetic fibers, carbon fibers, plastics, films and chemicals. Many of the products are developed from its proprietary polymer technology base and are commonly used by the textile, automotive and aviation industry. Recent annual sales approached € 10 billion.
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