Wet Offset S/F & H/S Fluorescents
Waterless Sheet Fed Fluorescents
Classicure UV Fluorescents (waterless & wet offset)
Classicure UV Flexo Fluorescents
Waterless Sheet Fed Fluorescents

We can supply fluorescent colours for every offset printing process. Our standard CN range of 16 basic colours satisfies the demands of most clients. All inks are formulated to give the best colour intensity and brightness. Colour charts are available that show achievable single and double impression results. Most standard fluorescent shades are included in the Classic CN range. Shades not shown on the CN colour charts can be supplied on request.
They are suitable for use on all types of waterless ready sheetfed printing machines.
SUBSTRATES (paper and board) 
Our various formulations are suitable for all  types of paper and board.
The plate temperature will depend on the design of the press, assuming that all other conditions such as roller settings, ink film thickness, press speed, ambient temperature, etc. are set to an optimum level, a good start point for plate temperature on conventional presses is 25 degrees centigrade. Plate temperatures for Anilox inking machines may need to be lower. We suggest somewhere between 18 - 23 degrees centigrade. 
When printing waterless it is important to select the right quality blankets and packing. We can supply Classic Nevada blankets for conventional waterless and Hybrid blankets for UV waterless. These have been specially selected after exhaustive testing to ensure excellent compatibility with our various fluorescent ink formulations. We recommend hard blanket packing. Do not use an under blanket.
Our laboratory toning tests indicate that our waterless fluorescent inks have excellent resistance to toning. If toning occurs the main reasons will be:- 1. The temperature of the plate is too high. 2. The ink is too low in viscosity/tack, or badly formulated. 3. A residue of roller/blanket wash is contaminating the ink. 4. The ink film thickness is too high. 5. The press speed is too slow. 6. The inker roller to plate setting is incorrect. 7. There is end float in the plate inker bearings or cages, or the plate inkers are oscillating. 8. The non image area of the plate is worn.
To the best of our knowledge our Fluorescent inks accept most types of in-line emulsion coating, and in-line & off-line UV lacquers. They are suitable for film lamination.
As long as the inks are stored in the containers provided with lids firmly secured at all times we envisage storage times of at least 12 months. Temperatures should not be excessive at any time. We recommend storage at between 15 & 25c.
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