Conventional drying wet offset silvers and golds
Conventional drying waterless silvers and golds
UV Curing Wet Offset Silvers and Golds
UV Curing Waterless Silvers and Golds
UV Curing Waterless Silvers and Golds

Although it is possible to make a ready mixed gold formulation for waterless printing the limited shelf life does not make the product commercially viable. We have recently developed a two pack Paste/Varnish formulation that can used for waterless printing. We offer a Rich and Copper shade only. These two products can be easily mixed to obtain any shade of offset gold. Our laboratory tests indicate that once mixed the ink remains stable for several days. Please ask for a separate information sheet which gives recipes for all popular shades of gold.
NEVADA CLASSICURE GOLDS                                              450g           550g
Rich Paste and Varnish                                                        MP8940 + MV8940 = MM8940 1kg combined
Copper paste and Varnish                                                    MP8947 + MV8947 = MM8947 1kg combined
This is a ready mixed UV curing waterless silver.
Sahara Classicure Silver                                                     MM8077 1kg tins only
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