Sahara Eco-Dri
Sahara Eco-Dri

Our Sahara Eco-Dri waterless offset formulation is specifically designed for use on all types of waterless ready offset printing presses. They are mineral oil free. They are based on vegetable oil products that are obtained from sustainable resources. They are press ready, quickset gloss inks. They are overnight duct fresh. They are suitable for coating with most types of lacquer and varnish.
The mechanism by which quick-setting inks work relies on a phase separation of the mineral oil or vegetable oil ester, plus anti oxidants, (thin phase) from the resin binder, pigment, waxes, etc.
This phase separation will only occur on coated papers. The capillary action of the paper coating rapidly absorbs the thin phase materials, leaving a tack free ink film that can be backed up within a short time. Full oxidation may still take over 24 hours, but due to phase separation the print will normally reach a good rub resistant state before this time.
Most Un-coated papers are not able to separate the different phases from a quickset inks. The entire ink film is absorbed as one, and will become less and less tacky depending on the absorption properties of the particular un-coated paper. Because anti oxidants used to create a duct fresh ink, cannot be separated with the thin phase of the ink, full oxidation can take several days.
When printing on uncoated papers we advise that an in-line aqueous coating is applied. If this equipment is not fitted we suggest coating the print, either in-line or with a second pass with Classic Hi Rub Sealer MV5382. This product is non-yellowing, has a satin finish which is practically invisible on un-coated papers, and is odourless when dry.
As long as the inks are stored in the containers provided with lids firmly secured at all times we envisage storage times of at least 12 months. Temperatures should not be excessive at any time. We recommend storage temperatures of 15 – 25c.
Sahara Eco-Dri process inks are available in 2.5 kg vacuum sealed cans.
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