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OVERPRINT VARNISHES (Waterless spot type)
We offer two new products that are specifically formulated for use on presses with extended deliveries fitted with IR lamps and Hot/Cold air knives. To obtain maximum gloss with the Gloss varnish it is essential to apply IR and Hot/Cold air before curing. If a satin finish is required simply cure with an interdeck lamp and switch off the IR Hot/Cold air. Even with the application of heat there is no loss of gloss where varnish is over unprinted areas. The Matt varnish will give the best matt result with immediate (interdeck) UV curing and no IR or Hot/Cold air. If a less matt finish is required simply turn off the interdeck and switch on the IR & Hot/Cold air before curing.
Sahara Classicure Gloss Varnish                                   MV9283              1 kilo containers only
Sahara Classicure Matt Varnish                                    MV9284              1 kilo containers only
N.B. These products are not suitable for wet on wet, in-line, coating of printed images. There must be an inter-deck UV drier between the printed colours and the varnish. Otherwise they must be applied wet on dry using a second press pass.
This varnish has a low viscosity and is only suitable for printing all over from a dry plate. It does not work with waterless plates unless they have an all over image. A high gloss will be obtained, especially if heat is applied before curing. If heat is not available the UV lamps need to be as far away as possible from the varnish unit.
Classicure Dry Offset Varnish                                       MV8025     5 kilo plastic tubs
Due to the surface energy of certain plastic materials it will be necessary to apply and cure a wet/dry offset UV primer before printing waterless UV inks. Waterless inks are formulated especially not to adhere to the silicone non image areas of waterless plates. Certain plastics have a surface energy that behaves in a similar way to the silicone on a waterless plate and therefore will not accept waterless inks properly. For this reason, on these materials, a low viscosity wet/dry offset primer based on our waterless UV curing system will be required. Our current Classicure Dry Offset Primer MV9222 is recommended.
MV9222 can be applied as an all over coating from a “dry plate” i.e. a wet offset plate without image, or the back of a waterless plate. Film thickness should be similar to an average weight for offset printing.       

We recently developed a new UNIVERSAL primer that can be applied to most plastic substrates even those with poor waterless ink receptivity.
This product can be printed wet offset, dry offset or waterless offset as a spot image.It provides the very best ink receptivity and adhesion. Our laboratory tests indicate that substrates can be primed in-line with interdeck lamps or pre-primed up to six months prior to printing without any loss of ink transfer or adhesion.          
We also offer a Classicure Flexo Primer, with stripped blankets or relief plates this product can be used on a flexo coater unit to apply spot images.
Nevada Classicure PC Primer is a waterless spot primer that can be applied to many plastic substrates. It will print spot images from a waterless plate.
Classicure Dry Offset Primer                                      MV9222              5 or 10 kilo containers
Classicure Flexo Primer                                             MV7809              10 or 25 kilo containers
Classicure Universal Primer                                       MV10220             1 or 2.5 kilo containers
These products can only be applied from an anilox (Gravuflow) printing unit. They are for overall application from dry plates.
Classicure High Gloss Duct Lacquer                           MV7695              5 or 10 kilo containers
Classicure Neutral Duct Lacquer                               MV7788               5 or 10 kilo containers
LACQUER (Dedicated coater unit)
Our UV curing lacquers have been specially formulated to be compatible with all our waterless UV inks.
They are available as standard mercury lamp formulations or LED-UV.
Classicure High Gloss Lacquer                                                                 10 or 25 kilo containers
Classicure Gloss Foilable Lacquer                                                                            10 or 25 kilo containers
Classicure Matt Lacquer                                                                                        10 or 25 kilo containers                                            

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