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Our Sahara Classicure PS, 74G and Nevada Classicure LA and PC Yellow, and Magenta inks are lightfast to Blue Wool 5-6. All Cyan and Black inks are Blue Wool 7-8. We have developed Sahara Classicure Yellow PY7924 and Magenta PR8271 that meet Blue Wool 7 specification. These inks are aimed mainly at the plant label market. Resistance to Weathering will be improved if the print is coated with a suitable lacquer. See Classicure High Gloss Protective Lacquer MV8186.
We recently converted our lightfast Yellow and Magenta process colours to Nevada PC. However this change has not been popular with all printers and we have decided to re-instate the Sahara Classicure PS versions and offer both types. The yellow in both versions is now based on a new pigment with greater transparency. PR9408 Magenta is available in PC only; this provides a bluer shade alternative which is a closer match to normal process Magenta.
For lowest contamination of the Yellow when inter-deck is not possible we recommend using Nevada PC Intense Black PN9233, PC Cyan PB9232, Sahara PS LF7 Magenta PR8271 and Sahara PS LF7 Yellow PY7924.
Do not use Sahara PS Black and Cyan with Nevada PC LF7 Magenta and Yellow without inter-deck cure.
Sahara Classicure PS LF7 Yellow                               PY7924
Sahara Classicure PS LF7 Magenta                           PR8271
Nevada Classicure PC LF7 Yellow                              PY9291
Nevada Classicure PC LF7 Magenta                          PR9292
Nevada Classicure PC LF7 Magenta                           PR9408

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