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The lamination process used to manufacture plastic cards involves heat and pressure to form a sandwich of core plastic and adhesive coated overlay films. The most popular plastic currently used for the printed core of the card is PVC, although other materials are gaining popularity. In some cases just one sheet of core plastic is printed, but if high quality print is required on both sides of the card two sheets of PVC are printed, each on the best side, and sandwiched together. In both methods a clear plastic overlay film, is applied to both sides of the printed core plastic. This overlay film has an adhesive applied to one side. The resulting sandwich is placed in a special press between polished stainless steel plates and bonded together using heat and pressure. All layers, including the inks must bond together well with equal strength.
Only NEVADA CLASSICURE PC inks are suitable for the production of laminated plastic cards. Do not use SAHARA PS, 74G, or NEVADA LA inks.
NEVADA PC SERIES (No primer required)
These inks are specially formulated to give excellent adhesion on PVC when printing and laminating plastic cards. It is the responsibility of the user to ensure that all materials and production conditions produce adequate adhesion in all layers of plastic cards produced.
The INTENSE Black PN9233 is intended for designs where the reproduction of very fine lines is required. It is also frequently used to print cards with solid black images that bleed to the cut edges of the cards. However if lamp power or number of lamps is limited we recommend the STD Black PN9303.
Nevada PC Yellow                                                          PY9230
Nevada PC Magenta                                                       PR9231
Nevada PC Cyan                                                            PB9232
Nevada PC Light Cyan                                                   PB9339
Nevada PC INTENSE Black                                             PN9233
Nevada PC STD Black                                                    PN9303     PN9303 Black is faster curing than PN9233 Black
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